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The Law Offices of Ralph C. Buss has handled every sort of criminal matter: 


  • State and Federal felonies and misdemeanors,

  • Traffic matters,

  • Possession,

  • Trafficking,

  • RICO,

  • Conspiracy,

  • Search and seizure,

  • Wire taps,

  • Violence,

  • Murder,

  • Theft,

  • Criminal enterprise,

  • Criminal forfeitures,

  • Assault,

  • Weapons, and

  • Drug law violations. 


All criminal cases, from the minor misdemeanor, to the 1st degree felony, will have some sort of impact on your life.  Penalties for criminal matters are always changing.  With every charge, you risk jail/prison time, loss of license, loss of your savings, and potentially, complete loss of freedom.  

Even DUI/OVI charges are very serious, affecting every aspect of your life.  From your job, family life, and daily activities, a DUI holds serious consequences.  If convicted, you could face jail or prison time, license suspensions, astronomical fines, and possibly, the loss of your vehicle.  In some careers, such as nursing, education, and truck driving, a DUI could mean the end of your current employment.  

With most matters, whether criminal or traffic, defense counsel have to understand scientific, as well as legal processes.  The legal issues are wide-ranging, involving search and seizure, due process, illegal interrogation, denial of counsel, and complex evidentiary issues.  These legal issues intersect in a criminal case with scientific areas of expertise, such as anatomy, biology, chemistry, physiology, and toxicology, as well as pseudo-scientific areas.   Defense counsel must also have a working understanding of the operation of not only various testing equipment, but also the policies and procedures of the local law enforcement agency.


There are many questions and issues in a criminal case that must be answered and assessed to determine the appropriate course of action.  We look at everything from the initial encounter through the time you give us a call.    At the Law Offices of Ralph C. Buss, we find the answers to those questions and determine what course of action must be taken.  If there was any type of mistake or slip-up made by the officer or Court, we will find it!


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